How do I care for my items?

We recommend washing your items per the card instructions we send in each order. Items should be washed inside out on a gentle cycle. We recommend not using heat drying as this can shrink or harm the items. 

What do I do if my package is lost?

Once we have sent your package in the mail, it is no longer our responsibility. If the tracking on a package reads “Delivered”, but you haven’t receive your items, you should file a report with USPS and work with them to recover your package. We will not resend items that show “Delivered” on tracking.

Why is production time longer for Ihana Collection exclusive items?

When you purchase items that are exclusive to Ihana Collection, we bring in those items and apply the designs or, in some cases, the tie dye, ourselves. This takes a few days longer because we do everything in house.

How do you pronounce “Ihana” and what does it mean?

Ihana is a Finnish word that means “adorable, wonderful, or lovely”. It is pronounce ēhana with a long “e” sound at the beginning.